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Not going to lie, this made my day
The year just started and I found already the best meme which can’t be topped #Cardano $ADA
My near future prediction: There is about to be a HUGE NFT backlash. This will include metaverse related projects.
My friends: @elonmusk @coinbureau @intocryptoverse @WuBlockchain @WClementeIII ok maybe not close friends but they be all up in that crypto
🪂LOKA Airdrop Frenzy🪂 🏆Lucky winners will get a Drago sticker NFT or 100 $LOKA airdrop!💎🐲 All the 🪂marked tweets during January 2022 eligible for entry To enter⬇️ 💎 Follow instructions on each tweet 💎 Retweet 💎 Tag 5+ friends One winner per each tweet. Starts now!!🚀
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Binance has announced its 26th launchpad: League of Kingdoms (LOKA), a Clash of Clans-like game with investors including A16z, Sequoia India, Binance Labs, and more.…
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Thirteen hours after Oasis’ first Dex YuzuSwap was officially launched, DeFi Llama data shows that the amount of TVL on the Emerald chain has exceeded $100 million, of which YuzuSwap TVL exceeded $97 million. YuzuSwap transaction volume in the past 24h has exceeded $210 million.
Flash Loans Academy is about to begin! We will hold the first session on the 24th of January at 20.00 CET⚡️ Join our Discord channel to register for the Academy and stay up to date with the program 👉 $EQZ #Flashloan #Defi
📣 @Yuzu_Swap & the @WormholeCrypto Bridge are now live on Oasis Mainnet! 🍊 Swap tokens, add liquidity, trade incentivized pairs, & earn rewards at YuzuSwap 👾 Move tokenized assets seamlessly across the largest L1 blockchains w/ the Wormhole Bridge
Advice for “metaverse” investors: if you give money to a game or project that is currently not fun you will only ever get a polished turd. Demand they create a good product first and give them money to make it great. #mmorpglessons #crowdfundingsurvivor
I’m so easily manipulated into responding to COVID posts because I harbor a lot of internal rage around the subject.
Time to separate the diamonds from the papers!! #HODL
Holy shit that was just the beginning!! 😂
🍊🚀DeFi is coming to Oasis — Introducing YuzuSwap, the 1st Decentralized Exchange on Oasis, & the 50K $YUZU Airdrop🔥🔥… #YuzuSwap #OasisProtocol #YUZU #DEX #Defi #Airdrop
Oh yeah!!! Hook a brother up $EQZ!! @coinbureau @CryptosR_Us BSC: 0xbBe1dc07cD36070F8b8e014055bE75c57D910070
Oh yeah!!! Hook a brother up $EQZ!! @coinbureau @CryptosR_Us BSC: 0xbBe1dc07cD36070F8b8e014055bE75c57D910070
👉 1000 $EQZ 👈 To a random account that: 1. Follows @EqualizerFlash 2. Likes and Retweets this tweet 3. Tags a #flashloan user 4. Comments with your #BSC #Wallet 🚀Join the biggest #DeFi flash loan contest ever, 💰250000 in rewards!
I love how “…according to ⁦⁦@coinbureau⁩,” is now a thing!!
Jesus Mother Fucking Christ!! Why do those in charge never know what’s going on? Worse - they don’t know they don’t know.
1/2 When Sen Warren asked Gensler about high Ethereum fees on decentralized exchanges and if he knew what the fees would have been like on the crash last Tuesday, he replied: "Whatever the exchange has outlined in their user agreement" Not gas, not code. User agreement.
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Come on people. We shouldn’t be this scared.
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 31 - Fear
Haha looking back on this tweet. I so did NOT miss the boat on $SOL back then. Just goes to show ya.
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