Surgeon. Dissecting aggro YOLO strategies with a scalpel. WSB. Options trader. Crypto. Defi. NFTs. $sOHM (9,9). $sSPELL. $sKLIMA (9,9). $JOE 🦇🔊

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Not sure what’s sadder… the 0.50% APY or that that’s 4x the national average. With 6-8% inflation…
You’re welcome, frens! $klima
This is it. This is the new meme. Tweet it.
This correction… got me like
#getSMRTr never had this much fun with a meme coin! #smartcoin #SMRT
It's meme time. Show us the best you got, world. Winner gets $5K in cold, hard cash. 24 hour submission window. To enter: Like & R/T this post with your meme submission + hashtag #getSMRTr. Godspeed.
Aped into some degen play that’s clearly a ponzi memecoin for funsies. @0xSmartCoin #SmartCoin
Patient was reading this book before surgery this morning. If this isn’t a sign I don’t know what is. #web3
Google trends for ⁦@OlympusDAO⁩ this week. Hopefully people got educated and more #ohmies joined the fold.
Next time there’s a crypto correction, this will be me. #hodl
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