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Just bought 100 euro #btc to support #ElSalvador. This is what we all had waiting for years.... Do your part. #Crypto
Just installed @bluewalletio to test #btc lighting payment. It's amazing how well is the wallet and integrated marketplace. Maybe youtubers can actually do sometimes for the community and show how to use lightning instead of shitcoin shilling. Push this @elonmusk @michael_saylor
We are not done yet #bitcoin 🚀
#bitcoin at 36k after so many FUD its really amazing.... I mean let's be honest, every other asset would crash to zero after so many FUD.
Love to see a good bitcoin crash for 2 reason. 1. Buying more.... #bitcoin 2. Seeing altcoins crashing 100x faster just to remind everyone that they are altcoins for a reason... It's 2017&2018 all over again crap talking about taking over btc and flipping blablabla.....