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I've had the pleasure of playing this little gem and highly recommend for those who like a good puzzle
🌵 Announcing Room to Grow - Releasing on steam February 25th! 🎉 Wishlist here:… RTs would also be greatly appreciated 🙇‍♂️ I hope you enjoy the puzzles I’ve created and the surprises I’ve left for you to discover 😊
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So the richest guy on the planet @elonmusk just tweeted my company on my birthday...
Congrats #NorthKorea! Due to what I can only assume is stellar leadership you have zero #Covid_19 cases despite the extreme close proximity to China. I'm sure the reason you are asking international aid for masks and testing kits is just for preventative measures?.. right?
Hadn't imported my contacts yet. This was the first message conversation I had on the new #iPhone6
Mario Kart is a lot like life... One red shell and your completely fucked. #MarioKart8 #NintendoWisdom
Private school made me academically smart, but not exactly street smart. Now I am destined to battle muggers with equations. #randomthought
Just spent the last half hour researching whale poop for absolutely no reason at all... Yeah I'm normal. #ambergris
First Tweet! I'd just like to give a shout out to no one, because no one is watching. But unicorns are pretty awesome - don't forget it.