Me trying out Session messenger came to an abrupt end - I'm uninstalling it and recommend that everybody does the same. People pointed out the app's connections to the alt-right scene which I could sadly confirm. So I don't want to contribute to them washing the stains away.
Looks like I will be trying out @session_app. It's a fork of #Signal with many of the same advantages, in particular unproblematic setup. It appears to have made more sensible decisions in some areas however - accounts not bound to phone numbers, random recovery codes etc.
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Cool one fascist less on the app #tolerance #Stupidity
Replying to @WPalant
1/2 : It is the snake that dies its tail ... By behaving like this (always referring to nazism...), you yourself are preacher of an intolerant and destructive ideology which targets anyone who does not think like you. You are the new fascism.

Jul 10, 2020 · 3:46 PM UTC · Twitter for Android