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Stablecoin backed by salt
Sorry why do we collectively hate Adam Neumann? Wework is the fucking Vatican compared to the garbage that’s floated up the last two years.
This could work
what if we made a DAO to fund oil capex spending with a smart contract that forces transition guidelines and the treasury in part goes to sustainable finance
Interested to see the findings of these studies, particularly as it relates to highly concentrated forms of THC
Is the broad legalization of pot creating the violent whackos we are seeing in our young people? Cannabis causes psychosis. Psychosis causes violence.…
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we're gonna save Japan
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.@elonmusk i can solve the global fertility crisis
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Real inflation
Ad spend is also prone to feedback loops. You spend on ads because your competitor spends on ads. It also goes the other way. If you see your competitor stop ad spend, you can start cutting ad spend. What does that do to ad-auction market prices and companies that rely on it?
Narrative violation
China planned the switch to EV as their chance to leapfrog this industry. It looks like they did it. Global Automakers Face Electric Shock in China…
When @BarrySilbert said decoupling he meant your marriage.
Turns out they raised $4.5 billion in order to short alts
It's just hilarious at this point
Capitalism finds a way
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Nothing says anti capitalism quite like making a gimmick store for the middle class to buy overpriced coffee from.
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The narrative lasted for about 1 day. People are not in the mood
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Yep. Ever more convinced that Davos is Burning Man for nerds. No one goes to Burning Man and stays quiet about it. If it were truly diabolical organization they’d hide it like Bilderberg using Chatham house rules, not parade it on YouTube.
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7? That many? 😂
Lol this sounds like hell on earth
every new-build house in Beverly Hills is a version of the same identical white modern hell-hole where the architects have convinced a sad elite that the laziest and cheapest form of building design happens to also be peak taste
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Doxxing. Here is me selling my collection of apes on @opensea
A bit surprised that this guy, who I imagine has wanted to be prime minister for a long time, isn't exactly perfectly bilingual
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Assets. Gib. 🤌
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He even swaps out crypto for “promotion de Bitcoin” in the French part of the ad. Big faux pas. Need a better campaign manager to reach the youths.