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lmao no, everyone is welcome here, thats what decentralization is, its not only for your specific political ideology. I think he missed the whole point of the crypto
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You're not welcome here. Your Ideology is literally an anti-thesis to what we aim to achieve.
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Since the massive gains part of crypto is over, its time to indulge in my madaoself
are "democratic" governments DAOs?
Genuinely baffled by the response from people on government clamp down on #DeFi. How are you all surprised by it? It was eventually gonna happen. How else do you disrupt the financial system?
Isn’t it SuPpLy aNd DeManD issue? Why blame the CERB now? Pay more wages to get employees. Its simple capitalism isn’t it? Or is it only when it aligns with corporations interests?
I don't know if this tweet will reach people or not but looking at things, i can't help but wonder if we have a dystopian future ahead. Corporations have destroyed freedoms(working everyone to the ground), small businesses and now buying land as much as possible.
they want to make sure we are totally reliant on them, this is all happening while we are having petty squables in politics. They are distracting us. I wish i thought i was being paranoid but looking at companies like amazon, my worries grow, we need a revolution of some kind
The reason I don't like any type of maxi is because most of the times in their delusions they think they are better than everyone. Their bias doesn't let them see a world through a different lens and they miss on certain opportunities making them even more salty
Genuinely curious what creates demand for #Bitcoin. I understand the bull case for eth, it has DEFI (most promising thing to come out of #cryptocurrencies imho) and NFT. You need #ETH to use the network creating demand. Thus, value. What can I use bitcoin for other than hodling
Humanity was doomed the moment we discovered fire
can some of the crypto people stop being a cuck to Elon Musk. When he is wrong, he is wrong. Don't be a yes man just because he is rich and can buy your bag. Believe in the tech and have some conviction and patience. #Bitcoin
wow, just wow. this is the new wave of crypto influencers with nothing to contribute to crypto except some scam casino coins
Nobody cares about how decentralised something is. Who is gonna check what computers are doing what to some kinda blocks? Just gimmie the next poocoin insane pump with 0 fee. #BinanceSmartChain
How do people think Doge can be used as a currency with its high inflation? i mean why not just usd then. #Dogecoins #dogearmy
$doge going up is glorious but the downfall will be just as devastating. Be safe
lolololololololololololololololololololololololol. don't how true the conspiracy is but its funny nonetheless
A short story about how @elonmusk got catfished into pumping #dogecoin by some tech bros. @PeterSchiff @WARONRUGS @mrwhale @csreinicke @CoinDesk @coinbureau
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new airdrop
Want to thank everyone for the huge support!!! We are happy to share our initial litepaper/gitbook: nopefinance.gitbook.io/nope-… Details on airdrop are coming soon and we will announce here as well as on discord spread the word $SOL
uhm CZ you arent a regular person, you are a billionaire and if bsc truly has nothing to do with you, why shill it in every other tweet
#Eth is the ultimate utopian destination of decentralization, for the rich guys who can afford it. #bsc enables freedom of access to DeFi and is inclusive of the regular people, like you and me. 😂