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I gotta get in before @garyvee does
Top for me is when privacy coins finish their pump or BTC is past 100k and losing momentum. Seems like the privacy thesis might be just beginning here.
This is the framework I entered with when the run started. So I'm going to stick to it
CRV looks so strength
Things your goofy TA can't predict:
Doomboys out in every thread. Flipped bearish when they got liqd probably.
The furries were more powerful than we could have imagined
Fuck it lets just send it to 0 in one daily candle
I didn't choose poverty, poverty chose me
Selloooors getting pretty nasty man idk
What in the wyckoff is going on with these charts
No paraswap airdrops :( Have def used it but generally I use 1inch
ETH is going to make a run just because everyone has called it dead
When did CME become so chad
Bears are fucked going into this weekly close aren't they
Letting full positions of CRV and XHV run. The rest 👋
Unfortunately going to have to take some profit, putting my 2 weeks in due to 2 years without a raise and unacceptable pay.
I'm currently an aerospace machinist but these large corporations would rather shut the doors then pay employees a fair wage. Ordered myself a CNC machine and I'll be working out of my garage now.
Highly concentrated (~85%) in XHV, RUNE, CRV/CVX