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Great to see @GeraldineDoogue on @ABCthedrum holding the Greens to account regarding them blocking Rudd's ETS in 2010. They should eat humble pie and own their mistakes, then follow Finland's lead by adopting a pro-nuclear power stance. Politics means compromise @AdamBandt!
Cavemen together strong.
Take me to the spacecraft and take me to dance club.
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I've got my camera facing sprites swapping with direction sorted. Would look better with 8 directions instead of 4 >_<; Bonus Doom Guy slide action. #safehousegame #unity3d #indiedev
I ate a bomb after collecting 48 coins while being chased by nobody at all! #laggydash
Dang... @heroku is forcing users to change their password, and I hate that they disallowed this: "jumbo yacht abacus absent" but allowed this: "JumboYacht9jDj2!" even though they are both 48 bits and the first is easier for me to type and remember.
Thanks Google, this is me crying with relief after blocking dozens of spam chat invites in Hangouts.
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So my short, little puzzle game Snow Cone is finished. You can play it for free in browser:… Today I am starting a new game. I am going to try to get my thoughts down as mockups and will post when I have anything visual to share. #indiegame #GodotEngine
Amiga Sim City, 1989, speaking the truth.
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